Sunday, January 18, 2009


This weekend I went on a retreat with my youth group. I have realized so much over this retreat. Over this retreat I have grown closer to God and Jesus. I wish that this retreat was so much longer, because I could have learned and heard so many things that I need to. I finally found out my New Year's resolution, and that is to seek people who need help and need to hear the Gospel and reach out to them and help them and show them the Gospel and Jesus Christ.

Monday, January 12, 2009


so ugh... in about two weeks i start my midterms which totally stinks cause i really don't want to do them. so anyways more than that i really need you guys to pray for my friend julia. shes having a really hard time right now and shes not really dealing with them in the best way. i am really worried about her so just please pray for her cause that would be awesome. if you really want to know more just ask me and depends i may or may not tell you but thanks for caring.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Break and updates

So Christmas break is coming to an end, saddly. Over the break I went to my mom's house which wasn't that great, because there is absolutly nothing to do there. I also got to meet my cousins for the first time. That was fun. I got a lot of the things I had asked for for Christmas. The presents aren't the true reason why I was happy. This year was my first Christmas being a christian, and I'm glad for that. Now I can start my full year of being a committed christian. I had my aunt type up some memory verses for me and a schedule on what I'm going to read in the bible each day. I believe this will help me to become a better christian. I will start school back up on Monday... sad I know. I will continue to update you on what is going on.