Monday, March 2, 2009

ahh life.

so this weekend was pretty interesting..
on friday i went to youth group to hang out with a few friends then my friend sarah and i hung out with our friends albe zach and tm and i slept over sarahs then on saturday i had to go to work with my dad which i wasnt happy about because i dont like work. but then my cousins showed up and i got to go to the mall with them for the day. after the mall we went to thier house for dinner and they slept over my house... we had a dance party. after church on sunday we went over to my aunt's house and ryan crispin... who lives in the house thats in front of her apartment came down and we hung out for a little while. then i went back to my house and was bored. today i had a snow day so i woke up at eleven and then shovled the sidewalk and went over my friend devons house. i now hope that i am not sick because her little brother ian is sick.
all in all i had a pretty good weekend. :)


  1. amanda (im not going to say your last name..) is my 2nd best friend <3

  2. of couse b/c i'm her 1st best