Friday, March 13, 2009

it was a blah week.

so yeah. on tuesday i found out that my best friend is moving to a different school and im like really worried about that because she has been having struggles in her life and i really wanted to help her and ive been trying but i dont think that i was getting to her but now she will be attending woodstown high school and im really upset because she is like my best friend in the entire universe. then today i found out that my friend patrick [who is like a brother to me] has to go to an alternative school because he got in a fight... again. then my friends like jumped me [not really] after school because its freshman day. so yeah ive been having a pretty bad week. plus im grounded... boo prayers please.. mucho gracias. [that means thanks very much in spanish]. but on the plus side i got geometry honors next year woop woop!

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